Shipping Info...

*Option A: 2-8 oz bottles or   1-16 oz Bottle ship for $8.50. 

*Option B: 4-6 Bottles. Can be a combination of 8 or 16 oz bottles, ships fpr $15.50.

*Option C: 6-12 bottles + Depending on the combination, ships for $22.00.

These combinations are estimated rates...send us your order and we will always do our best to ship it safely and affordably to your door.   

Ordering our products is easy.... 

Send us a message below with your order and we will email you a secure invoice you can pay online.  Let us know if you want to pick your order up "curbside" at The Sugarhouse or have it shipped to your door, via USPS Priority Mail.  


*MI Maple Syrup               8 oz $8.00

                                        16 oz $15.00

                                        32 oz $23 or 2 for $40.00

                                       1.69 oz mini $3.00

*MI Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup-8 oz $10.00

*1.69 oz Mini Bottles in all flavors $3.00 each 

(Excludes MI Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup)

*MI Apple Syrup & MI Maple Apple Syrup -8 oz $8.00

*MI Pear Syrup & MI Maple Pear Syrup -8 oz $14.00

*Mi Sorghum Syrup & MI Maple Sorghum Syrup -8 oz $8.00

*MI Maple Raspberry Syrup -8 oz $14.00

*MI Maple Peach Syrup-8 oz $14.00

 *MI Maple Blueberry Syrup-8 oz $14.00

 *MI Maple Plum Syrup-8 oz $14.00

*MI Maple Blackberry Syrup=8 oz $14.00

 *MI Maple Grape Syrup-8 oz $14.00 

Maple Candy & Maple Sugar is available June-October and at the Holidays.  If you are looking for these products out of season, we may or may not have them available to ship. Please message us to inquire!