Michigan Maple Cherry Syrup  *SOLD OUT 

Our Michigan Maple Cherry Syrup is a blend of two of Michigan's sweetest assets.  Made with only real Maple Syrup and Cherry Syrup, made on our farm from Rainier Cherries at Overhiser Orchard in South Haven, Michigan, this syrup is a delcious treat on your pancakes, waffles, and desserts.

Michigan Maple Apple Syrup

You will soon find a new favorite in this pure Maple and Apple Syrup blend.  We have combined two of our favorite syrups to create  this deliciously sweet and fruity syrup for your favorite recipes.  Maple & Apple lovers alike will appreciate the amazing combination. 

Michigan Sorghum Syrup

Sorghum Syrup is evaporated from the sweet juice pressed from the Sorghum plant.  Sorghum Syrup is a unique and sweet syrup. Perfect for use in baking and gluten free brewing. Every step of the Sorghum process happens here on our farm!

Michigan Black Walnut Syrup  *SOLD OUT 

Black Walnut Syrup is a very unique combination of sweet and nutty perfection.  This rare syrup is made from only the pure sap of the Black Walnut tree.  With it's sweet and earthy flavor, it is another naturally delicious option for pancakes, waflles, desserts, candy, and more. 

Michigan Maple Plum Syrup

The possibilities are endless when you try this naturally sweet & tart, pure fruit blend. This syrup is made with Michigan Maple Syrup and Plum Syrup, from Plums grown at Seedling Farm in South Haven, Michigan. This syrup will give a fruity kick to your favorite cocktails or add fresh Plum flavor to your pancakes, waffles, and desserts.

Michigan Apple Syrup

With its sweet and tart apple flavor, this syrup is ideal for use as a natural meat marinade, cocktails, apple flavor enhancer, apple juice concentrate, or wherever you want to add natural apple flavor. Made with the season's freshest Apple Cider from Seedling Farm in South Haven, Michigan.

Michigan Maple Blackberry Syrup

This amazing syrup is a blend of Michigan Maple Syrup and Michigan Blackberry Syrup, made on our farm with our Blackberries.  This syrup is perfect for those who love a sweet, fruity, & natural syrup for their pancakes, waffles, desserts, cocktails, and more. 

Michigan Pear Syrup

This deliciously sweet Michigan Pear Syrup is the perfect addition to your favorite family recipes.  Made with only the  freshest Pears from Paul Rood Farms in Coloma, Michigan, this syrup is ideal for marinating meat, pancakes, waflles, baking, and cocktails.

We love to hear how you use our syrups!!! Please share with us your favorite way to     "think outside the pancake!"

Michigan Maple Blueberry Syrup  

You cant imagine the incredible flavor combination of Michigan Maple Syrup & local Blueberries, grown right here in South Haven, Michigan, the Blueberry Capital of the world.  Its like Blueberry Cobbler in a bottle.  You will be looking for ways to use this syrup.  Those who love blueberries and maple alike will love this flavorful, smooth & natural syrup. 

Michigan Maple Peach Syrup  

Let our Michigan Maple Peach Syrup wake up your next cocktail, salad dressing, ice cream sundae or pancake.  This rich, buttery syrup is made from Historic Red Haven Peaches from South Haven, Michigan and our Michigan Maple Syrup to create a syrup that is not only delicious but 100% natural, local & preservative free.  

Michigan Maple Syrup needs no explanation! Harvested from Sugar Maple trees near the Lake Michigan shore; this pure Maple Syrup will soon be your new family favorite.

Michigan Maple Dewberry Syrup

This unique syrup is a blend of Michigan Maple Syrup and Dewberry syrup, made on our farm with local, wild Dewberries; very similar to a Blackberries only sweeter.  This syrup is a favorite for cocktails, meat marinades, and baking.  

Michigan Maple Raspberry Syrup     

This syrup is a sweet blend of our Maple Syrup and pure Raspberry syrup, made on our farm with Raspberries from Riverbend Farm in South Haven, Michigan.

Ridley Family Sugar Farm

Michigan Maple Pear Syrup

This is a perfect combination for those who love our Pear Syrup but wanted a sweetened version for their pancakes, waffles, coctails, dressings & desserts.  Made with the season's freshest Pear Cider from local Pears.  

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